About Mediacentre - Programmes

The Journalism Programme is designed as an interactive programme with the main goal of facilitating exchange of experience among media professionals in print, electronic and online media, organising professional advancement, as well as training journalism students through different training programmes.

This program deals with media development research in B-H and the region of South East Europe.

What is the future of public television, what challenges does the digital and multi-channel environment bring, what kind of labor relations are present in media, media regulation and self-regulation, what is their role in democratization processes – these are just some of the questions our research projects focused on.

Mediacentar provides consulting and educational services in the field of communication management and public relations. Our team includes successful PR experts and experienced journalists and trainers.

Mediacentar Sarajevo has its own video/audio production. It is equipped with full technical equipment and has its own studio and production team.

TV shows produced at Mediacentar have been broadcast by the public broadcasters - BHT 1, FTV and RTRS. Documentary films have also been produced successfully and some of them have been awarded at international festivals.

INFOBIRO is a digital archive of Bosnian print media. In addition to an online searchable database, we have a classical archive containing daily and weekly newspapers and magazines published in Bosnia-Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia.