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Neda Todorović: 'Interpretative and Investigative Reporting'


Neda Todorović: 'Interpretative and Investigative Reporting'

Neda Todorović’s book deals with the issue of interpretative and investigative reporting. This book is a sort of textbook, one of the first such textbooks in Serbia produced for reporters and those who intend to become reporters. It highlights great possibilities of the investigative and interpretative reporting, but also to numerous limitations it faces, from material, through logistical, to political obstacles.

The first part of the book is theoretical, written by the author, while the second includes reporting pieces which the author describes as the "anthology examples of investigative reporting in our country (Serbia, editor’s note)".

The book starts with a foreword, followed by five concise chapters: interpretative framing, intensive investigative reporting, facts and interpretation, analysis and (or) interpretation; and Towards (un)reachable ideal of reporting objectivity. Within each chapter, there are numerous examples of what the author considers a good reporting practice – articles in their original layout – from interpretative news items, through in-depth interviews to team investigations which provide social and historical background and attempt to penetrate the deep-seated meaning of the investigated occurrence.

The book also contains the “Supplement” titled: "For journalism that hurts ". It contains the articles in which their authors write about how they do their jobs. The authors include Aleksandar Mitić (Mozaik jednog ratnog izveštaja... - Mosaic of a war report...), Dragan Bujošević and Ivan Radovanović (Kako smo napisali knjigu "5. oktobar - 24 časa prevrata – How we have written the book “October 5th - 24 hours of the coup") and Janko Baljak, ("Anatomija horora" - "The Anatomy of Horror").

Neda Todorović, teaches “Theory and technique in journalism” at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade. She has worked in numerous newspapers, and edited “Jefimija" and “Bazar" magazines. Publisher: Čigoja, Belgrad, 2002.