Magazin: Investigative journalism

Napredak je moguć kada ti neko ukazuje na greške

The role of citizens and the civil sector in the fight for better quality journalism is irreplaceable.

Kad nauka kaže - To je to

Tackling Health Disinformation Through Education on Scientific Consensus

Experiences from the courtroom

The book The first draft of history: Journalists - witnesses before the Hague Tribunal was born out of the need to understand and convey the experience of journalists who testified before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Below is one of the chapters from the book, written by Elvira Jukic-Mujkic.

Važnost debate za medijsku, informacijsku i političku pismenost

Debate is a necessary exercise for any future engagement of active and responsible citizens in a democratic society.

Klimatske dezinformacije kao repriza već viđenog scenarija

Climate change - a new gold mine for those who live off of disinformation