attacks on journalists

Od ubistava do pritisaka - Bezbednost novinara, otvorena rana srpskog društva

Journalists in Serbia are under economic, political and institutional pressure.

Dokumentarni film “Teret iskustva”: Priač o napadima na novinarke u regiji

The film will premiere tonight at Fazana Media Fest.

Verbal Attacks on Journalists – recurrent and without any consequence

Attacks against Kosovo journalists, to a large extent, remain unsolved.

Our Job Is Journalism, Not Making the Institutions Work
Colleagues as Targets

In addition to the attacks journalists experience from fellow citizens, readers, politicians, public personalities and people whose affairs they investigate, they are also often targeted by their colleagues.

Attacks on Journalists: How to Become a “Traitor of Your People”

The pattern: first, the government targets you; then come attacks on social media.

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