media integrity

The Role of Editors is to Defend Integrity and Independence of Journalism

They are not proprietors, advertising managers or marketing gurus - but editors.

Government and Media (3): Sarajevo Canton TV: citizens are paying three times for this television station’s work

TVSA’s total marketing revenue in 2014 was 652,384 KM (333,558.6 EUR), which made up less than 20% of TVSA’s overall revenue.

Government and Media (2): Pressure and self-censorship

Political appointments, pressures and self-censorship leave little space for media integrity at Bosnia and Herzegovina's Sarajevo Canton Television (TVSA).

How to improve transparency of government funding for media?

"The only problem that limits the freedom of expression and the freedom of media in the region is corruption."

Media analyst and author of Code of Ethics discusses main problems of investigative journalism and media freedom in Albania.

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