Chief Investigations’ Editor

Chief Investigations’ Editor

Balkan Investigative Regional Reporting Network (BIRN)
Balkan Investigative Regional Reporting Network, BIRN, is looking for a Chief Investigations’ Editor with a wealth of experience in investigative journalism, coordination of journalists and with a strong understanding of current affairs in Southeast and Central Europe.
This remote position is open to any experienced investigative editor from anywhere in the world ans is part of one of BIRN’s core programmes, Investigative Reporting Initiative (IRI). IRI is focused on exposing wrongdoings, allegations of bribery and corruption and violations of human rights, among other things, in the Western Balkans and globally, but in relation to the region.
  • Regularly developing investigative story ideas and assigning journalists to work on them;
  • Forming and leading a network of in-house and external investigative journalists to pitch stories and work on programme-related investigations within one or more projects and programmes implemented by BIRN;
  • Maintaining regular contact with journalists who work on investigations (online or offline meetings), providing on the job mentoring, editorial and any other support/assistance;
  • Contributing to/writing investigative stories and other long reads, alone or in conjunction with other editors/investigative journalists;
  • Pre-editing drafts and fully preparing them before sending them to English copy editors;
  • Actively taking part in and organising all programme-related activities, including internship programmes and trainings such as our flagship BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting;
  • Reviewing pitches and applications that are part of one or more programmes and projects implemented by BIRN;
  • Communicating with lawyers and arranging legal checks of investigations when necessary;
  • Regular (weekly, monthly and ad hoc) meetings with the Editor-in-Chief of Balkan Insight, editorial staff and with the entire BIRN project/programme staff;
  • Physically attending all offline events that are part of the programme;
  • Contributing to and writing project reports and coordinating other project outputs when needed;
  • Establishing and maintaining regular contacts with prominent investigative regional and international media outlets in a bid to secure cooperation, cross-border collaboration, republishing etc;
  • Working closely with in-house and/or external designers, photographers, cameramen and translators, while preparing stories and other content for publication;
  • Following and implementing trends in investigative journalism.


  • Maintaining appropriate contacts with BIRN country offices and/or personnel, to ensure the proper execution of the above-mentioned duties;
  • Maintaining appropriate contacts with experts (governments, NGOs and other officials), necessary to ensure fact checking of content;
  • Developing a network of sources within the field of coverage;
  • Carrying out any other duties that may reasonably or exceptionally be required to ensure the smooth operation of BIRN’s work, such as substituting for absent colleagues, etc;
  • Preparing input for special web pages and assisting web team monitoring and preparing input – special focus web pages;
  • Keeping track of programme-related activities that are needed for internal/external verification (such as email correspondence, evaluation forms, photos/screenshots, agendas etc);
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Kontakt i prijava: BIRN

Rok za prijavu: 
Friday, March 31, 2023
Vrsta posla: 
Nije navedeno
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Potrebne kvalifikacije: 
  • Relevant university degree and training
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
  • Excellent communication, presentation and leadership skills
  • Deadline-oriented, with strong follow-up and reporting skills
  • Well organised, able to prioritise, goal-oriented and multi-tasker
  • The ability to be proactive and take initiative
  • Ability to work with and manage cross-border teams consisting of different nationalities and different profiles of journalists
  • Efficient in managing and sub-editing copy
  • Understanding of law and ethics in relation to publishing and broadcasting in Southeast and Central Europe
  • A highly developed and authoritative judgement of news and current affairs
  • Good writing skills
  • Exceptional research skills
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English and at least one of the regional languages