An Anthology Of Investigative Reporting: 'Tell Me No Lies'


An Anthology Of Investigative Reporting: 'Tell Me No Lies'

Over the last half century 'investigative journalism' has come to mean the kind of brave reporting which goes behind the facade of official silence and deception to reveal important truths and expose injustice, wrong doing and above all the abuse of power. In this epic and timely book, John Pilger has brought together some of the greatest practitioners of the craft, those "who push back screens, peer behind facades, lift rocks... the men and women whose disrespect for authoritarianism has allowed them to alert their readers to vital hidden truths".

In selecting these pieces John Pilger pays his own professional tribute to some of those he most admires, from the famous muckrakers and the great mavericks to the lesser known and a new generation of independent reporters who continue to investigate ideas and seek out and reveal the truth.

Tell Me No Lies ranges across many of the critical events, scandals and wars of the past fifty years, and bears witness to epic injustices committed against people around the world. Beginning with the pioneering Martha Gellhorn reporting on the horrors of genocide at the death camp at Dachau, here too is Wilfred Burchett's remarkable dispatch on the 'atomic plague' in Hiroshima, James Cameron on the atrocities in Vietnam and also contemporaries such as Robert Fisk on the bloodshed caused by the invasion of Iraq and Anna Politovskaya on the forgotten war in Chechnya. Many of the pieces 'revisit' the locations of John Pilger's own reporting over the last thirty-five years.

In autumn 2004, John Pilger's book, 'Tell Me No Lies: Investigative journalism and its triumphs', was published by Jonathan Cape (Random House UK). The book is also published in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 'Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism and its Triumphs' includes the work of Martha Gellhorn, Wilfred Burchett, Jessica Mitford, James Cameron, Seymour M.Hersh, Paul Foot, Robert Fisk, Phillip Knightley, Linda Melvern, Edward Schlosser, Edward W. Said and many more of the greatest investigative journalists past and present.