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Aleksandar Stanković at Mediacentar

Attend a master workshop led by Aleksandar Stanković, editor of the talk show “Nedjeljom u dva” (On Sunday at Two), one of the most popular TV shows in the region. Make an interview with Stanković and learn all there is to know about the secrets and challenges of making one of the most watched talk shows for years. Final date for application: 7 February 2008.

Find out how good preparation, provocativeness, moderate insolence and directness are key to making a good interview and what techniques this top notch journalist uses in preparing his show.
Ideals in journalism, why editing and hosting a show rather than reporting, censorship and self-censorship in an interview, criteria for selecting guests and effort to make an exclusive interview, adjusting an interview to the guest’s psychological profile, potential incidents, insisting on answers – these are just some of the issues that the well-know journalist will cover in the two-day workshop.
Thematic modules in the workshop will cover the following units:
- journalism- interview- process of preparing an interview- process of conducting an interview- what happens after an interview
Each thematic unit will be covered in detail on examples of interviews that were broadcast which the lecturer will prepare as working material for discussion in the workshop.
The workshop program will be based on exchange of experience and practical work of participants. Mediacentar premises will be adjusted to the content of the workshop and participants will have an opportunity to conduct an interview with the lecturer in a studio atmosphere.
The workshop “The Secrets of a Successful Interview” will be held at Mediacentar Sarajevo on February 12-13, 2008 as part of a series of commercial master workshops implemented by Mediacentar in 2008.
The workshop is designed for all those who want to share their experience with the winner of best talk show awards given by the Croatian Journalists Society and Vecernji List.
Aleksandar Stanković started his career in 1995 at Croatian Radio as a journalist. From 1998 to 2000 on the Croatian Radio first channel he hosted the domestic politics show Poligraf (Polygraph) and from 1999 to 2000 he held the position of editor of the domestic politics department.
From September 2000 he has edited and hosted the show “Nedjeljom u dva” on Croatian Television. A total of 302 shows have been aired so far whose guests were public figures of various profiles, including Milan Kučan, Milo Đukanović, Boris Tadić, Lech Walensa, Stjepan Mesić, Ivo Sanader, Republika Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik and many others. In addition to people from political life, in the show he often hosts artists, athletes, actors, directors and many other figures that attract public interest.
The talk show “Nedjeljom u dva” is organized on a one-to-one principle, with occasional inclusion of guests by video link and arrival of surprise guests.
Aleksandar Stanković received the Croatian Radio Television award for best show on Croatian Radio, Croatian Journalists Society award for best talk show in 2001, and Vecernji List award for best talk show in 2007.
The attendance fee for the workshop is 350 KM (179 Euro). Participants will cover their expenses for travel and accommodation in Sarajevo during the workshop. Upon completing the workshop all participants will receive a certificate of completion signed by Aleksandar Stanković and Mediacentar Sarajevo.
All those interested can confirm their participation in the workshop by 7 February 2008 at lejla@media.ba or by telephone: + 387 33 715 840.
Contact person for more information:
Lejla KapetanovićMediacentar Sarajevo+ 387 33 715 840lejla@media.ba
The workshop is organized by Mediacentar Sarajevo.