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Another NUNS Award for an Investigative Story from the NetNovinar Training Center Program

A participant in the education program “Investigative Journalism and Organized Crime” of the NetNovinar Training Center, Branislav Grković, received an investigative journalism award from the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia for a story produced in the framework of the program. Last year, a story by Đorđe Padejski, also written during the program, received the same award.

For the second year in a row, a participant in the program “Investigative Journalism and Organized Crime” received an award of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) for outstanding success in investigative journalism.
Grković, a journalist of “Radio 202,” received an award in the category under the age of 35 for his story “Cyber Crime: Predators from Anonymity,” which he published in the Belgrade weekly “Vreme" after months of investigation. The jury’s citation says that the article “comprehensively investigatived and explained the phenomenon of traffic in pornographic material in which children are also involved on the internet and revealed the inadequacy of Serbian laws regulating this field.” Grković also received an award last year for a radio show.
After Đorđe Padejski, who was recognized last year for his story “Bird Mafia in Serbia and Montenegro” about illegal hunting, trade and export of protected species of wild birds published in the magazine “Zrenjanin,” this is the second time that a story written after investigation done during the NetNovinar Training Center program received this award.
The other recipients are:• Radio Free Europe journalist Miloš Teodorović for the show “The J. G. Paulik Case” on a case of child trafficking.• Weekly “Vreme” Editor Filip Švarm for the documentary series “Unit,” produced in co-production between “Vreme Film” and TV B92, about a disbanded Serbian Security Service special unit whose members were charged with a number of crimes, including the murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić.• Daily “Danas” journalists Ivana Kljajić and Snežana Čongradin for a series of articles on socio-syndicate issues.• Novi Sad-based “Dnevnik” journalist Igor Mihaljević for the article “Get a Hold of Yourself, Come Boy, You Can Do It, It’s Never Too Late,” who camouflaged himself as a Roma to write about his fellow citizens’ attitude to persons in such position.• “Radio Belgrade” journalist Nenad Militarević for the analytical show “Liquid Explosives,” on the availability of explosives and their ingredients to citizens of Serbia. • TV “Studio B” journalist for an item on the circumstances surrounding the death of a girl after a routine operation performed at a private clinic in Belgrade.
The awards were handed over by His Excellency Michael Polt, Ambassador of the United States of America to Belgrade, whose embassy is the award donor. Awards in the “Journalist with Experience” category are worth $1,200 and awards in the “Under 35” category are worth $800.