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“Being a Photojournalist – Techniques of Documentary Photography”

How international photo agencies operate and what are the obstacles and challenges of photojournalism are just some of the themes that will be covered in a master workshop led by Damir Šagolj, multi-awarded Reuters photojournalist. Applications are invited.
Workshop program: The lecturer will share with participants his experience and observations from the different assignments he worked on from Afghanistan through Iraq to America. The workshop program consists of a multimedia lecture, practical work and interaction with participants.
In addition to examples from his own practice, Šagolj will also present how international photo agencies operate today and how their way of work changes daily. Modern communication, digital technology, global village, vast competition, editorial policy change, disappearance of the ‘middle class’ – these are just some of the issues that the workshop program will cover.
A practical part is planned for participants during the workshop, where each participant will get a topic to work on during the workshop. Studio work is planned for the first three days of the workshop and field work and development of photographs are planned for the last two days. Finally, participants will compare their works and draw conclusions and the best works will be displayed in Mediacentar Sarajevo premises.
Damir Šagolj studied at the State Energy University in Moscow. Parallel with that, he attended classes at the Russian Film Academy in Moscow. In 1991 he returned to Sarajevo and started working as assistant photographer at the PhotoDesign studio. During the war he signed his first photojournalist contract for the SIPA press agency and in 1996 he joined Reuters. He published news and feature stories in many newspapers and magazines: Time, Newsweek, Paris Match, Life, Der Stern, Der Spiegel, The New York Times, The Washington Post ... As a photojournalist he covered the hottest news and events from the world’s war zones.
Important note: State-of-the-art photographic equipment is not required for participation in the workshop; any still digital camera will suffice.
The participation fee for the five-day workshop is 250 KM (129 Euro) and includes a certificate on completion of the workshop. Participants will cover their costs of travel and accommodation in Sarajevo.
The workshop will be held at Mediacentar Sarajevo.
All those interested in attending the workshop may send their applications (short CV with personal contact details) to the e-mail address: masa@media.ba.
The exact time when the workshop will be held will be announced subsequently, upon agreeing on a precise schedule with the lecturer.
For more information, please contact:Maša HilčišinMediacentar Sarajevo+ 387 33 715 840masa@media.ba