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Filming documentary stories with Žalica

Journalists and producers from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina are very pleased to have learned from Pjer Žalica and acquired skills which they can apply in future work and in launching independent projects.

Participants in Pjer Žalica’s Master Workshop entitled “How to Shoot a Documentary Film” received an introduction to documentary film and learned about developing ideas, screenplay, working with camera, and documentary film post-production.
The workshop was based to a large extent on practical work, with participants shooting material in the field and then analyzing and cutting it with the trainer.
Each participant selected an issue on which s/he wanted to do a short documentary story.
“My story is called Mother and Child and speaks about a young man who was abandoned by his mother and who is epileptic and has no means of livelihood or money for medication. The filmed material consists of an interview with the young man and edited shots of Sarajevo streets. The interview demonstrates the young man’s enormous hatred for his mother, whom he blames for his hard life,” said Aldin Arnautović of the production house “XY Films”.
Participants agreed that it was very useful to become acquainted with team work.
“I found the workshop very useful, especially the advice that Pjer gave us concerning the technical aspect of the process of making a documentary film. I’m glad to have had the chance to work with an excellent lecturer and director such as Pjer Žalica. It’s very useful that the group is heterogeneous and that I was acquainted with different angles and ways of thinking,” said Toma Bojaj, Editor of Podgorica-based TV Boin.
Participants expressed pleasure at working with and learning from Pjer Žalica.
“It’s an excellent idea to organize a workshop such as this one, especially when you can learn from a director such as Pjer Zalica. I like team work and what I found most useful is that we’re doing everything in practice so I can apply this know-how in the future,” said Amela Čuhara, Director of video production “Prime Time”.
Participants received certificates of attendance on completion of the workshop.
The workshop was held on 20-24 November 2006 at Mediacentar Sarajevo.
Pjer Žalica’s Master Workshop was organized by NetNovinar – Center for Investigative Reporting and Media Education (Founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo & Investigative Journalism Center Zagreb)