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How to report on the elections?

Would you like to learn to report elections analytically? And to understand the election procedure and election rules better? Apply for the “Electoral Reporting” workshop. The organiser will cover all the costs of participating. Application deadline: 5 September 2006.

BiH journalists can apply for the “Electoral Reporting” workshops which will be held at the Mediacentar Sarajevo from 14th to 16th September for print media journalists and from 21st to 23rd September for electronic media journalists.
The workshops will help the journalists to understand better the legal framework of the electoral procedure and familiarize themselves with the structure of elections, electoral rules and the election law. The journalists will learn how to avoid political pressures and the traps of biased writing during electoral reporting. They will familiarise themselves with the methodology of using sources whilst preparing for electoral reporting, using databases and the role of documents in electoral work, all with the aim of achieving more professional and objective electoral reporting.
At the workshops the participants will practice electoral reporting through a simulation of pre-electoral political debate.
The lead facilitator at the training ‘Electoral Reporting’ will be Ozren Kebo, an experienced journalist, and visiting facilitators will be Eldin Karić, the editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Start’ from Sarajevo and Dragan Jerinić, the editor-in-chief of the ‘Nezavisne novine’ from Banja Luka and Konstantin Jovanović, editor in the NTV Hayat programme.
The deadline for applications is 5th September 2006. The application should contain:
-personal information by the candidate-contact information for the candidate’s media outlet - CV
For any additional information or to send applications contact:
Lejla KapetanovićMediacentar Sarajevo+ 387 33 715 840lejla@media.ba
Maša Hilčišin DerviševićMediacentar Sarajevo+ 387 33 715 840masa@media.ba
The organizer of the training ‘Electoral Reporting’ is the NetNovinar-Centre for investigative reporting and media education (founded by: the Mediacentar Sarajevo and the Centre for investigative journalism, Zagreb).
The project is carried out with the assistance of the Office of Public Affairs of the US Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina