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How to Use New Media Opportunities?

Workshop title: New Media, New Opportunities and New Risks
Working language of the workshop: English with translation provided into B/C/S
Final date for applications: 10 January 2008
Who is the workshop designed for: Editors-in-chief and mangers of media from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.
Duration of the workshop: 21 and 22 January 2008
Venue of the workshop: Mediacentar Sarajevo
Why should I apply for the workshop: Traditional and new media operations are increasingly being forced to deliver content to multiple platforms in order to respond to audience demand, survive in a competitive media market environment, and benefit from new revenue-generating opportunities. But doing so without a clear assessment of the risks involved can leave the news brand open to damaging attack, data theft, legal costs and lost business, as they battle, often totally unprepared, in the race for audience and income. If this process is badly handled the media organization’s brand and market position could be damaged. The two-day session will enable participants to advance their skills in using opportunities offered by new media and face challenges posed by new media.
What will I learn:
- Data management and editorial disciplines related to online content- Securing content against attacks by hackers and cyber criminals- Using inexpensive techniques to build robust, secure, scalable web-publishing systems for media operations delivering their content online- What techniques to use to simultaneously improve reliability and security of content- Putting in place an indefinitely scalable architecture to prepare the website to capture audience - Web-radio, podcasts and video
Matthew Karas has been designing and implementing new media content-management technology since the infancy of new media. He has worked for News Corporation, Sky and the BBC with operations ranging from the fully-automated feed publication to systems for manual production. He has combined delivering big projects in the UK with taking an international advisory role in public sector, commercial and developing organizations such as B92, RFE/RL, Rambler Media and Al Jazeera.
David Brewer is an international media strategy consultant, who has worked as a journalist and manager in print, radio, TV and online. He was one of those who set up and launched BBC News Online and he has launched CNN.com Europe, Middle East and Africa, CNN Arabic and Al Jazeera English. David set up Media Ideas and now advises independent media in transition countries. He is a visiting lecturer in new media at the Cheung Kong Business School in Beijing and the Westminster City University London. David set up Media Helping Media, an online platform for helping independent media in transition and post-conflict countries and areas where freedom of expression is under threat.
Participation fee: The organizer will cover participants’ travel expenses and the costs of their stay.
How to apply: Please send your CV/biography (with personal contact details) to:
Lejla KapetanovićMediacentar Sarajevo+ 387 33 715 840lejla@media.ba
Organizer: Mediacentar Sarajevo with the financial support of the Embassy of Great Britain in Sarajevo.