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Learning How to Get Information via the Internet

Eleven journalists of B&H media learned about a way of searching for information, Request for Access to Information, and used all database search tools and engines.

Lecturers during the training program on “Freedom of Access to Information and Online Search for Information” were Amira Krehić, Executive Director of the Center for Access to Information, and Dženana Alađuz, Director of the Association for the Promotion of Information Science INFOHOUSE – BH.
Participants gained a better understanding of the role of media in exercising the right to information and were better acquainted with the Law on Freedom of Access to Information.
They learned how to write a Request for Access to Information and they understood what kind of administrative procedure the request goes through.
In the event of the Request for Access to Information being denied, journalists learned the procedure of writing and filing a complaint with the relevant institutions.
Participants independently searched for information and its sources on the Internet.
“I’m very pleased with the group. My lecture was based on exercises. Participants were tasked with finding certain information on the internet and its sources. They used all search mechanisms and did not strictly adhere to my instructions. Ninety-nine exercises were successfully completed and their aim was for participants to become better acquainted with online information search tools, techniques and strategies,” said Dženana Alađuz.
Although journalists came from different B&H media and had different professional experience, they established excellent cooperation during the training.
“The journalists became very close and worked excellently as a team. The atmosphere was friendly, which resulted in their helping one another whenever a practical problem arose during practical exercises,” said Dženana Alađuz.
Part of the workshop was devoted to the role of alerts, mailing lists and groups, as well as journalist forums.
The workshop was organized by USAID Media (Chemonix) in cooperation with NetNovinar – Center for Investigative Reporting and Media Education (Founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo & Investigative Journalism Center, Zagreb).
Training on “Freedom of Access to Information and Online Search for Information” was held on 27-29 November 2006 at Mediacentar Sarajevo. This is the last training organized by USAID Media for its media clients, as it closes on 31 December 2006.