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Master workshop: Camera

Would you like to enhance your camera skills? Would you like to film your own video material under the mentorship of the most famous director of photography in BiH? Apply for Mustafa Mustafić's master workshop (6 -10 November 2006, Mediacentar Sarajevo). Working language of the workshop is B/C/S. Application deadline: 31 October.
All the participants will produce their own up to 5 minutes long video piece. The participants and the trainer will analyse all the produced video works.
The workshop thematic units include:
• Introductory material: Brief overview of how film photography was created; The first screening and the first cameramen; How to watch a film; Screening of ‘Citizen Kane’; Analysis of the film from the perspective of the cameraman; Wide lens use; Deep focus/depth of field; Low camera angle, etc.
• Cameramen’s grammar
• Lens: Length and angle of view; Light power and sensitivity; Sharpness and contrast;
• Angle of view: Middle or normal lenses; Wide-Angle lenses; Telephoto lenses;
• Special lenses
• Shot: Types of shots; Basic or establishing shot; Static shot; Moving shot; Shot composition etc.
• General line and sight lines: Continuity of movement; Direction of the line; Sight lines; Crossing the (sight) lines, etc.
• Perspectives: Long shot; Medium shot; Close up shot, etc.
• Light and basic light metering settings.
Mustafa Mustafić is one of the most significant and most famous cameramen in BiH. He has won numerous awards, including: Golden medal for the best camera at the 30th, 31st, and 33rd festival of documentary and short film in Belgrade; The best camera award at the Portorož TV festival (1977); Award for the best camera at the international film and television festival ‘POREČ 88’, and many others.
He has worked on several dozens feature and documentary films, as well as TV series.
His works include some of the most significant productions in the former Yugoslavia: ‘Ovo malo duše’ (1988), ‘Stanica običnih vozova’ (1989), ‘Kuduz’ (1989), ‘Moj brat Aleksa’ (1991), ‘Bulevar revolucije’ (1992), ‘Magareće godine’ (1994), ‘11.09.01 –september 11’ (2002), ‘Remake’ (2002), ‘Go West’ (2004).
At the moment, he is engaged as a freelancer on several documentary films for different production companies, including TV BIH. He also works as an associate lecturer, teaching the TV camera course at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, Journalism Department.
Participation fee is 500 KM (256 Euro) and includes a certificate on successful completion of the workshop.
The participants are also expected to cover their travel and accommodation costs.
The application should include:1. Candidate’s CV2. Contact personal details.
For additional information or to send an application contact:
Maša Hiličišin Dervišević masa@media.baLejla Kapetanovic lejla@media.baTel: +387 33 715 840
Mediacentar SarajevoKoldvorska 371 000 Sarajevo, BiH
This workshop is organized by the NetNovinar – Centre for investigative reporting and media education (Founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo and Centre for investigative journalism Zagreb).