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Master Workshop “Interview Techniques”: Invitation for applications open!

Workshop title: Duška Jurišić's Master Workshop “Interview Techniques” Workshop date: 1 September 2007
Workshop venue: Mediacentar Sarajevo
Participation fee: 100 KM (51 euro)
Date for applications: 25 August 2007
Who is the workshop designed for: All broadcast and print journalists and anyone who wants to learn interview techniques.
Why should I apply for the workshop: A news story greatly depends on what an interviewee tells you and a well done interview is often the foundation of a good story. One of Bosnia-Herzegovina's best-known journalists will share with you the secrets of preparing and conducting a good interview.
What will I learn:
• what are the differences between doing interviews for print and broadcast media; different interview forms; how should you best prepare for conducting an interview; how should you define the goals you want to achieve by an interview • what technical preconditions must exist for an interview; techniques of making an interview; how should you conduct an interview and ask questions whose answers will give you the right material for your story• what approach should you take to the interviewee; body language in front of the camera
Workshop program: The workshop program will e based on a theoretical part and a practical part. The lecturer will select interviews made by well-known radio hosts and together with participants will analyze different host approaches and interview genres.
In the practical part of the workshop, participants will prepare and conduct a face-to-face interview with the lecturer and analyze their work. Participants will also simulate conducting a dialog show, where candidates will have the role of show host and guest.
About the lecturer: Duška Jurišić is a journalist and editor of Federal Television. From 1986 she worked as reporter, journalist and editor of “Sarajevo 202”, RTVBiH and OBN. She held the position of head of the Central Bank of B-H Public Relations Department. She was a long-time editor and host of the popular talk show “Pošteno
govoreći” (Honestly speaking) on BHT 1. She specialized in journalism in the United States and completed a BBC training program for journalism trainers.
How to apply:
A candidate’s application should contain:
• Candidate biography• Personal contact details
Contact persons:
Maša Hilčišin Derviševićmasa@media.ba
Lejla Kapetanovićlejla@media.ba
Mediacentar SarajevoKolodvorska 3+ 387 33 715 840
The workshop is organized by: NetNovinar – Center for Investigative Reporting and Media Education (founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo & Investigative Journalism Center, Zagreb).