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Meeting of Croatian investigative journalists

From 22nd to 24th June, around twenty Croatian journalists will meet in Opatija to discuss investigative journalism. The discussion topics will include: investigative process – from idea to its realization, investigative journalist techniques and tools, ethical dilemmas, the use of computers in journalistic research, opportunities for training and networking of investigative journalists, and joint collaboration on stories.

The experienced investigative journalists will represent their work on investigating war crimes, terrorism, trafficking in human beings, and ecological topics. Guest participants of the meeting will be journalists from Serbia. The meeting of the Croatian investigative journalists is hosted by the ICEJ (International Centre for the Education of Journalists). The organizers of the meeting are the SEEMO (South East Europe Media Organisation), and the NetNovinar (The Centre for investigative journalism and media education established by the Mediacentar Sarajevo and the CIN Zagreb). By the end of the year, a meeting of Serbian journalists interested in investigative journalism will be organized, and in 2007, there will be meetings of investigative journalists from Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria.
Working meeting of investigative journalists form CroatiaICEJ, Nazorova 2, Opatija22nd to 24th June 2006.Organizers: SEEMO (Vienna), NetNovinar (MCS, Sarajevo / CIN, Zagreb) ____________________________________________________________
Day 1: Thursday (22 June 2006)16.00 -16.30: Registration of participants
16.30 – 16.45: IntroductionOliver Vujović (the SEEMO) Saša Leković (the NetNovinar-training centre for journalists, Sarajevo/Zagreb)16.45 -17.30: What is (not) investigative journalism (Saša Leković)17.30 -17.45: Break17.45 -18.30: Media ethics– Dr Gordana Vilović (ICEJ)18.30 – 18.45: Break18.45-19.30: Media ethics / continued – Dr Gordana Vilović (ICEJ)
Day 2: Friday (23rd June 2006)10.00 -11.00: From the idea for investigative story to writing it (Saša Leković)
11.00 -11.15: Break
11.15 -12.15: From the idea for investigative story to writing it - continued (Saša Leković)
12.15 -13.30: Lunch break
13.30 -14.30: Networking of investigative journalists and cross-country cooperation (Saša Leković)
14.30 -14.45: Break
14.45 -15.45: Computer Assisted Reporting (Nevena Ršumović, editor of the Netnovinar portal)
15.45 -16.00: Break
16.00 -17.00: Computer Assisted Reporting - continued(Nevena Ršumović, editor of the Netnovinar portal)
Day 3: Saturday (24 June 2006)10.00 -11.00: How I researched war crimes – Drago Hedl (Feral Tribune) 11.00 -11.15: Break 11.15 -12.15: How I researched war crimes /continued – Drago Hedl (Feral Tribune)
12.15 -13.30: Lunch 13.30-14.30: How I researched the award-winning story on the hunt of protected birds (Đorđe Padejski, List Zrenjanin) 14.30-14.45: Break 14.45-15.45: Researching terrorist attacks in ethnically divided society: case study of the car-bomb in Mostar and the killing of Croat policemen in the srednja Bosna region (Esad Hećimović, Dani – Sarajevo)
15.45-16.00: Break 16.00-17.00: Money trail: investigating misuse of humanitarian funds for supporting terrorism (Esad Hećimović, Dani – Sarajevo)
17.00 Closing remarks, Ante Gavranovic, former president of the HND.