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Second Workshop of the Investigative Reporting Program Ends

The second and last workshop of the ‘Investigative Reporting Program: organised crime stories' was very intensive in terms of work thanks to the trainers, but also extraordinary efforts of the participants who had made huge progress between the two workshops in terms of investigating their stories. As part of the workshop, a significant section of work was devoted to the following thematic modules: investigative reporting and ethics, as well as database search. The workshop was held from 8th to 11th May in the Mediacentar Sarajevo.

Workshops participants have showed particular interest in the module on ethics in investigative reporting, its contents ranging from introduction to journalism ethics to practical work and analysis of ethical doubts with regards to investigative stories. A large number of participants suggested spending, in work with the future Programme generations, more time analysing colleagues’ stories, from the ethical viewpoint.
Significant part of the workshop covered database search, involving basis of database search, using Lexis-Nexis and application of database search to concrete investigative stories.
The workshop was to a great extent interactive thanks to interesting presentations and exercises the participants had performed together with their trainers Paul Cristian Radu (Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism), Dr. Gordana Vilović (University of Dubrovnik and the International Centre for Education of Journalists, Zagreb), and in intensive cooperation with the lead Programme trainers Saša Leković and Branko Čečen (NetNovinar – Centre for investigative reporting and media education).
Work with the trainers has prepared the participants to continue online work on the stories. Investigative stories that the participants have produced during the five month Investigative Reporting Program will be published in June 2006.
The stories will be published on the NetNovinar web portal, under the investigative reporting section www.netnovinar.org/ir, and home media outlets of the participants.
The third cycle of the Investigative Reporting Programme includes a total of twelve journalists from BiH, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro:
1. Belinda Bertol, Narodni list (Zadar, Croatia)2. Dževad Ćesko, news agency ONASA (Sarajevo, BiH)3. Alma Durmo, Nezavisne novine (Sarajevo, BiH)4. Zoran Janković, Radio 303 (Rogatica, BiH)5. Vesna Karavanić, Radio ‘Pag’ (Pag, Croatia)6. Katarina Milenković, Faculty of Political Science (Pirot, SCG)7. Gabrijela Miškov, Faculty of Political Science (Dobanovac, SCG)8. Dragana Mitrić, Građanski list (Novi Sad, SCG)9. Irma Nuspahić, Novi radio (Bihać, BiH)10. Saša Trifunović, news agency BETA (Bor, SCG)11. Nikolina Trivunović, Radio 202 (Belgrade, SCG)12. Cvjetko Udovičić, daily ‘Fokus’ (Banja Luka, BiH).
Organiser of the Investigative Reporting Programme is NetNovinar – Centre for investigative reporting and media education (founders: the Mediacentar Sarajevo and Centre for investigative journalism, Zagreb) in cooperation with E-Net Centre from Sarajevo.
The financial support for the Programme was provided by BiH Open Society Fund and Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.