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Team work for members of Vezza project

A workshop dubbed “Effective team work” for journalists of BiH radio stations, members of the VEZZA project, will be held on 20-22 June 2007 at Mediacentar Sarajevo.

After members of the VEZZA project expressed a need for education in the area of effective team work, a workshop was designed with the aim of acquainting journalists of B-H radio stations with the importance of team work in newsrooms, its characteristics and advantages in journalistic work.
During the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to learn how news teams are formed and to learn about methods of team work, as well as team reporting on crisis situations. Journalists will apply newsroom team work methods in an exercise.
The lead lecturer is Saša Leković, longtime journalist/editor and manager of NetNovinar Training Center.
Link for Joint Engagement (VEZZA) is a project designed for private broadcasters in B-H and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The main goal of the project is to help private radio and TV stations and facilitate quality coverage of the most relevant social issues, with the ultimate aim of activating citizens to become involved and to influence what is happening in their communities.
In addition to this workshop, the members also expressed a need for education in the areas of radio interview and media marketing plan and workshops on these subjects were held at Mediacentar in mid-May and end of May 2007.
The workshop “Effective team work” is the last workshop to be held for members of the VEZZA project in 2007.
The workshop is organized by NetNovinar – Center for Investigative Reporting and Media Education (founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo & Investigative Journalism Center, Zagreb).