O Mediacentru / Saopštenja

Working ON investigative reports

The first workshop from 4th to 8th September held in the Mediacentar Sarajevo inaugurated the beginning of the fourth cycle of the programme ‘Investigative reporting: reports on organised crime’.

The participants of the workshop worked intensively on synopses of investigative reports. The trainers insisted on the practical application of the theoretical knowledge in the field of investigative reporting on the topics of the participants’ reports.
The workshop group was actively engaged, showing keen interest for concrete issues, while the practical work on reports was dealt with in the modules dealing with the ethics and legislation in investigative reporting. The trainers leading these modules offered their assistance during the next online stage of work on participants’ stories.
The workshop participants worked in great detail on sources and interview techniques; they developed source lists for their concrete reports, defining and sharpening their topics and getting familiar with the Moodle software which will be in use during online component.
The first workshop trainers are: the main trainers and long-term investigative journalists Saša Leković and Branko Čečen; deputy Ombudsman for the media of the Fedeation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mehmed Halilović (media legislation); Professor Gordana Vilović – Univesity in Dubrovnik and the International Centre for Journalist education, Zagreb (media ethics); editor-in-chief of the educational web site NetNovinar.org and the trainer for Computer Assisted Reporting/CAR Nevena Ršumović (Internet and database search); and Tihomir Veselinović – E-Net Centar, Sarajevo (introduction to Moodle software).
The forthcoming period (September – December 2006) will be based on online collaboration between trainers and participants during which the participants will work on their own investigative reports as well as improve on their theoretical knowledge.
All stories will be published on the website Net Novinar in the section of investigative reporting on www.netnovinar.org/ir . The stories will also be published in the host media outlets of the participants.
The second and last workshop within the fourth cycle of the programme of Investigative reporting will be held between 5th and 8th December 2006.
11 journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro are taking part in the fourth cycle of the programme of Investigative reporting:
1. Danijel Apro – Građanski list (Novi Sad)2. Ines Giba – Pitomi radio (Pitomača)3. Branislav Grković – Radio Beograd 202 (Beograd)4. Ahmet Kalajdžić – Slobodna Dalmacija (Split)5. Kruno Kartus – magazine Alert (Osijek)6. Vladimir Kovačević – Alternativna televizija (Banja Luka)7. Barbara Matejčić – Vjesnik (Zagreb)8. Željka Matković – Jutarnji list (Zagreb)9. Marija Mikolić – Pitomi radio; Večernji list (Virovitica)10. Jelena Paklar – Građanski list (Novi Sad)11. Ivana Pejčić – Danas (Beograd).
The organiser of the programme of Investigative reporting is the NetNovinar - Centre for investigative reporting and media education (founded by: the Mediacentar Sarajevo and the Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo, Zagreb) in collaboration with the E-Net Centre from Sarajevo.
The programme is financially supported by the Open Society Fund BiH and the Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.