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You are invited to apply! Workshop with Pjer Žalica: filming a documentary

The workshop program is facilitated by director Pjer Žalica, whose documentary (‘MGM Sarajevo’, ‘Djeca kao i svaka druga’ - Children like any other) and feature films (‘Gori vatra’ – Fuse, ‘Kod amidže Idriza’ – At uncle Idriz’s) have received several awards. The workshop participants will be introduced to the peculiarities of filming a documentary from the director’s artistic angle. The workshop will be held from 26 to 30 June in the Mediacentar Sarajevo. Applications deadline is 12 June.

The aim of the five day master workshop is to get introduced to the challenges of filming a documentary, as well as production intricacies of this format.
Target audience of the workshop are editors, journalists, producers, parents, students and all those interested in learning about how to make a documentary film.
The workshop programme consists of the following modules:- Introduction to documentary film / brief history of a documentary film - Ethics – aesthetics – director’s responsibility- Pre-production: scenario for a documentary film – theme and idea- Documentary film or feature – specifics and differences- Documentary film and television- ACCESS – Key, truthfulness: document and reconstruction- An actor in a documentary film - Production – filming (practical work in the field for all workshop participants)- Analysis of the filming process: Watching the film and analysing together - Postproduction: editing and final processing (practical work for the workshop participants).
The modules shall be followed by interactive discussions, which will include an analysis of the themes for documentary films suggested by the workshop participants.
The working principle is based on practical exercises of the participants conducted through video materials they themselves are going to develop during the workshop. One or several participants’ video models are going to be processed during the workshop, depending on the production possibilities and features of the suggested projects. Workshop result will be a full documentary film production. Pjer Žalica is an author and director of numerous feature films and documentaries, TV series and theatre plays. He has graduated film from the Sarajevo Arts Academy, where he currently teaches. His film-making includes dozens of titles such as feature films 'Gori vatra' (Fuse), 'Kod amidže Idriza' (At uncle Idriz’s), and documentaries: 'Mostar Sevdah Reunion' (2000), 'MGM Sarajevo – Man, God, Monster' (1994), 'Djeca kao i svaka druga' (1995) (Children like any other), etc. He has received numerous awards, including: European Film Academy – Discovery 2003 – Prix Fassbinder – Special Mention; Silver Leopard (56th Locarno IFF); Best Feature Film & Audience Award (9th Sarajevo FF); Best feature film (11th Raindance FF); Golden Palm & Best Screenplay (25th Valencia IFF); Felix  (European Film Academy Annual Award for Documentaries, 1994). He is a member of the European Film Academy.
Five day master workshop with Pjer Žalica will end with a production of a documentary film, to include contributions from all the workshop participants. Documentary film will be screened to the select, professional audience. Following the screening, there will be a discussion about the film.
Workshop participation fee is 500 KM (256 Euro). The participants are also expected to cover the transport and accommodation costs.
This is the first workshop in a series of master workshops that will be organised this year by the NetNovinar Training Centre (Founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo and Centre for investigative journalism, Zagreb).
The application should include:1. Candidate’s personal contact details 2. Candidate’s CV
To send applications or obtain additional information please contact:Maša Hilčišin Dervišević masa@media.baLejla Kapetanović lejla@media.ba+387 33 715 840
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