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Pakistanski novinar u Velikoj Kladuši: Izbjeglica iz neslobode

Interview with Muhammad Yasir, Pakistani journalist among migrants.

Editorial Autonomy at Risk in Europe

State should not be allowed to use state advertisement as a tool to pressure media.

Support to the Novosti weekly

Media experts from the SEE region have issued a statement expressing their disagreement with the demands made by Croatian association "In the Name of the Family", which asked for discontinuation of financial support to the Novosti weekly.

CRD marks the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Freedom of the press act

Free speech and access to information is more important than ever.

SEENPM urges swift investigation of possible attack on president of Croatian Journalists’ Association
Journalism in Turkey: my days in jail after the coup

The attempted coup of July 15 had a harsh impact on Turkish media and journalists.

Finland — a utopia for journalists

Finland has a diverse media market, good laws, a transparent government and independent journalists.

Can Dündar, for a transnational journalism

Journalist and chief editor of Turkish newspaper Cuhmuriyet, was sentenced to five years in prison for revelation of state secret.

Political Pressures, Economic Insecurity Biggest Threats to Media Freedom in Balkans

A regional survey in the Balkans on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day.

Macedonia’s 'Sorosoids' and Govt Propaganda

As the protests become fiercer, the hate speech is on the rise in Macedonian media, especially in those close to the authorities.


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