Recommendations by OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media  on Open Journalism

The media landscape across the OSCE region is changing faster than ever before.

How I investigated an Ex-Credit Swiss broker sentenced to 4 years prison

Bulgarian investigative journalist tells a story of using publicly available data in her research.

DMF moderators and keynote speakers

List of moderators and keynote speakers of Digital Media Forum 2014 (Mediacentar Sarajevo, March 6-7, 2014).

Mogućnost novog događaja

The protests and the citizens’ assemblies are, at this time, the only way to keep the possibility of the emerging of a new political and social horizon in Bosnia-Herzegovina – open.

Proizvodnja i vježbanje mogućnosti

Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina continue. Their message is clear—the time of the ethno-nationalist elites, who stole the country’s resources, common goods and capital in the blood of war and genocide, is over.