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Transparentnost medijskog vlasništva u BiH: Borba s političkim vjetrenjačama

The law on transparency of media ownership has not yet been adopted.

Media in Slovenia: among criminals, politicians and "the barbarians"

Media owners in Slovenia openly or covertly control editorial policies.

Joan Barata: A unique and open media market is a guarantee of pluralism and transparency

Interview with an international expert for freedom of expression and media law.

Political and economic interests in media ownership are squeezing Kosovar journalism

New and old ownership models present their own challenges to quality independent reporting.

Returning public interest to the relations between public sector and media

Transparency is the first step towards public accountability and protection of public interests.

Al Jazeera Balkans: Between Foreign Capital and Responsible Journalism

AJB is free of propaganda, yet the selection of information shows certain interests.

Once Upon a Time There Was Novi List Daily

Once the bastion of the left-wing press, Novi List daily this last year made an abrupt turnabout in its editorial orientation.

Major powers tailored Serbian media legislation for ‘Balkan CNN’

Media Observatory reveals how the European Commission enabled changes to the Serbian media laws, and the Serbian government unquestioningly conformed to it, paving the way for potential undermining of media pluralism in the country.

$100 million has been spent on media in BiH and there is still precious little to show for it.

Media analyst and author of Code of Ethics discusses main problems of investigative journalism and media freedom in Albania.

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