Magazin: Investigative journalism

A participant in the ‘Investigative reporting and organised crime’ training programme of the Mediacentar Sarajevo and the Centre for investigative journalism from Zagreb has proved that illegal unhindered hunting of protected bird species takes place in Vojvodina in a very organised way. He lined up an illegal hunting trip through an agency offering these on their web site and got a former guide of one such agency to reveal details of their “work”. An ongoing, dreadful, illegal slaughter of wild birds takes place in Serbia, yielding great profits.By: Đorđe Padejski, Zrenjaninske novine
In Belarus a thousand of people still die from tuberculosis every year. In closed prison clinics Penitentiary Departments does not support keeping extra months to feed by high-calorie diet. And some patients are discharged from prison hospitals before they are cured when their stretch is over. Material is prepared by “Journalistic Investigation Agency” Creative Studio under assistance of Danish Journalists-Investigators Association.

Recent scandals at US newspapers, made editors to as themselves: “Do all young colleagues know that facts are not to be fabricated and passages plagiarized?” This is a handout for young “cut and paste” generation of journalists who, sometimes, do not consider copying material from the internet without proper attribution, an issue. 

The director of Project for Excellence in Journalism, organization of US journalists concerned about the state of professional standards, names three simple steps for analyzing the dilemma: “Is it justified to break the law in order to gather information?”

A cautious editor, through his dedication to accuracy, spared the New York Times a scandal. He also brought a turning point to Times coverage of “Lewinsky case”. Further on, he made his daily more cautious and gave the authors of Project for Excellence in Journalism the idea for an article on basic classification of information accuracyProject for Excellence in Journalism