Magazin: Investigative journalism

Read the detailed guide through CAR and tens of stories done by Pulitzer Prize winner and his team, their techniques, tips and tales of the succesfull reporting by computers. Learn of numerous advantages you could acquire through training and implementing CAR in your newsroom.

In 50 percents of the cases one investigation leads to another one. Exactly this was the case, which proved that there was overdose of Mercury in the brain and hair of the Bulgarian Communist leader George Dimitrov. 

Use these tools to demystify your writing.In 1983, Donald Murray wrote on a chalkboard a little diagram that changed my writing and teaching forever. It was a modest blueprint of the writing process as he understood it, five words that describe the steps toward creating a story. As I remember them now, the words were: Idea. Collect. Focus. Draft. Clarify.By Roy Peter Clark (Senior Scholar, Poynter Institute)
The Chechen arms-trafficking brothers Mutaliev, with connections in Romania and the Republic of Moldova lost a plane in Angola in 1997. The aircraft, a Soviet-made AN 72 cargo belonging to the Renan lines in Moldova, but which flew for the Congo-based Pelikan Air, was forced to land and the crew were imprisoned by the Angolan army.By: Stefan Candea, Sorin Ozon
In November 2002, the unit headed by general Ardeleanu set Europe ablaze, grounding their allegation on a .reliable source.. In fact, the reliable source was an anony-mous letter. The victim: Florin Padure, a Romanian established in Leipzig.By Stefan Candea, Sorin Ozon, Saturday, August 17th, 2002