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Data journalism is expensive. Here is a quick guide that will show you how you can tell your boss that your latest data project brought in cash to the company’s books - and that you justly deserve a raise!

Crowdsourcing, a portmanteau word made of crowd and outsourcing, means distributing tasks to a group of people. It can be a very cost-effective way to collect and process information. It can also be an utter failure, resulting in thousand of wasted man-hours, if not prepared carefully.

Data journalism is like punk music, anyone can do it. You need very little to get started, but it’s important to make the right choices in the right order.

Mark Brayne, Director of Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma Europe, and psychotherapist, spoke to NetNovinar about professional reporting on trauma and about ways for journalists to protect themselves in such situations.

As people increasingly socialise on the internet, no journalist can discount virtual communities as a source.Written by Selma Milovanovic