Critical Thinking: What Do You Mean by That?

Editors want "better critical thinking" from their reporters, but do they know what that precisely means? 

The journalist who has decided to look for and to work with secret documents must combine at lest 2 talents – of a researcher and of a writer.  But need one more before starting – to be a fighter - with the bureaucrats who keep the secrets and would be responsible the documents you asked for to be declassified.By Alexenia Dimitrova (24 Hours Daily - Sofia, Bulgaria)
To look for and to find successfully people around the World is one of the most important things for the investigative journalist in the Global Era we live in. The journalist might look for somebody because he or she is a crook, ex prisoner, drug trafficker or is mentioned in the World news for whatever reasons. To find and to contact these people as soon as possible is very important for a follow up story.By Alexenia Dimitrova (24 Hours Daily - Sofia, Bulgaria)
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In 50 percents of the cases one investigation leads to another one. Exactly this was the case, which proved that there was overdose of Mercury in the brain and hair of the Bulgarian Communist leader George Dimitrov.