In 50 percents of the cases one investigation leads to another one. Exactly this was the case, which proved that there was overdose of Mercury in the brain and hair of the Bulgarian Communist leader George Dimitrov. 

Use these tools to demystify your writing.In 1983, Donald Murray wrote on a chalkboard a little diagram that changed my writing and teaching forever. It was a modest blueprint of the writing process as he understood it, five words that describe the steps toward creating a story. As I remember them now, the words were: Idea. Collect. Focus. Draft. Clarify.By Roy Peter Clark (Senior Scholar, Poynter Institute)
In November 2002, the unit headed by general Ardeleanu set Europe ablaze, grounding their allegation on a .reliable source.. In fact, the reliable source was an anony-mous letter. The victim: Florin Padure, a Romanian established in Leipzig.By Stefan Candea, Sorin Ozon, Saturday, August 17th, 2002
In the night of August 20 the Ukrainian Volodymyr Rozumny was restrained by police men after a birthday party spent copious together with a fellow countryman with Romanian citizenship. Intervention troops, judicial police, secret services and whole weeks of spying in the countryside and Bucharest.By Stefan Candea and Sorin Ozon
For most people, natural diamonds mean just precious stones and nothing more. Luxury, glittery, a special present. Not many people know the hidden world behind producing these stones. The indifference of Romanians authorities pushes the natural diamonds polishing into world underground circuit