The Chechen arms-trafficking brothers Mutaliev, with connections in Romania and the Republic of Moldova lost a plane in Angola in 1997. The aircraft, a Soviet-made AN 72 cargo belonging to the Renan lines in Moldova, but which flew for the Congo-based Pelikan Air, was forced to land and the crew were imprisoned by the Angolan army.By: Stefan Candea, Sorin Ozon
The privatization of Romania's oil industry has enriched the well-connected - and corrupt. Here's the case of Iosif Dan, a top advisor to Romanian President Ion Iliescu.Dan had accepted money from a petroleum company vying for a piece of the country's oil-privatization action. By Paul Cristian Radu

131 Bulgarians initiated legal proceedings against American Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in 2001 showed an investigation of 24 Hours Daily in the US Court’s and INS’s archives. 2001 is the last year for which INS publishes the statistics. But closed to this number are the Bulgarian court cases against INS before and after that. All of them ask for political asylum.By Alexenia Dimitrova

Bulgaria has given 1 100 619 US dollars to 3 foreign companies between September 1997 and December 2001 to lobbying for its cause in the USA, showed an investigation of Bulgarian 24 Hours Daily. By Alexenia Dimitrova
Lars Moller, Danis freelance journalist and investigative reporting trainer