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Odgovor zvaničnika RS na Rezoluciju o Srebrenici u UN-u: Negiranje genocida i govor mržnje

The National Assembly of RS adopted conclusions that deny genocide.

Nova „crvena linija“: Zakon protiv slobode izražavanja u Republici Srpskoj

A lawyer's look at the Draft Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of the RS.

Transparentnost medijskog vlasništva u BiH: Borba s političkim vjetrenjačama

The law on transparency of media ownership has not yet been adopted.

JaBiHuEU i Mediacentar pokreću projekat "Go Digital Against Harassment"

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the safety of journalists and protection of media freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina by raising awareness of key stakeholders about online threats against journalists.

Accessing information in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, most institutions do not comply with the Law on free access to information.

Media and civil society: Neither allies nor adversaries

Neither media nor civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina are believed to be substantially contributing to public participation.

Public services in B&H: Poor picture that citizens don’t want to pay for

Decreasing numbers of citizens are paying subscription fee, whereas position of public services is deteriorating

A decade of failures: BHRT – employee surplus and poor results

Hundreds of employees, viewership declining and collection of RTV tax reduced.

Government and Media (3): Sarajevo Canton TV: citizens are paying three times for this television station’s work

TVSA’s total marketing revenue in 2014 was 652,384 KM (333,558.6 EUR), which made up less than 20% of TVSA’s overall revenue.

Government and Media (2): Pressure and self-censorship

Political appointments, pressures and self-censorship leave little space for media integrity at Bosnia and Herzegovina's Sarajevo Canton Television (TVSA).


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