Magazin: Investigative journalism

Compiled at home office at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg , FL, by members of the Computer-Assisted Journalism Seminar - April 20, 1994
Realities of the Internet
"Mozhe vodka" ["may I vodka"], a girl around 17 asks in broken Macedonian, perching herself on the edge of our table. Then she nods to her colleague at the bar. We are the only clients. Her name is Deya... by Yovo Nikolov (Capital, Bulgaria)
The billboard in downtown Brcko looks as if it is advertising a shopping mall in California.
It is Sunday afternoon at the “Faraon” restaurant, a slightly more substantial wooden building than the rest of the 3,000 wooden kiosks that make up the Brcko District’s sprawling Arizona Market in northeast Bosnia. But just like the rest of them the Faraon has a parking lot for a toilet.